Introducing Jill Hartline

Today is the day I get to share my big news! Lemon Tree Paper Co. is officially changing its name to Jill Hartline. I am so excited and nervous for this big change, but it's been over a year in the making and it feels so right! Introducing

Along with the name change will be a few minor shop changes. Most importantly, you can expect the same quality, attention to detail, and service that I have offered in the past. While my Etsy shop will still be offering small party/wedding invitations and stamps, it will become more focused on helping others turn their offices into their own sanctuary with desktop and wall accessories. One of my favorite challenges at my old job was taking my little tiny cube and making it mine. From hanging photos and prints, to making sure my morning coffee was held in the cheeriest of mugs, I always looked for ways to drown out the mundane, and inject a shot of color and joy into every piece of my surroundings. In looking toward the future, my retail offerings will be more catered to office life and infusing personality into the small things.

On that note, to celebrate, I'm having a little giveaway of a few of my favorite desktop items! To enter, simply like my brand spanking new Facebook page, and be sure to follow me on Instagram. Then, tag a friend in a comment on any of my Instagram/Facebook giveaway posts so they can have the opportunity to enter too (maximum of one entry per day). Easy peasy. No reposting photos or anything like that - just a fun way to celebrate my new business name! (Of course, if you'd like to share... you would make my whole day!) The giveaway closes at midnight on Friday and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on Saturday. Woohoo!


Items included in the giveaway are:

An August 2014-July 2015 Whitney English Day Designer: I could not function without mine! In thinking about my favorite desktop items, this was very top of the list. And, they're sold out! I'm so glad I bought it in time to include it! :)

A Yummy Candle: Because I am 10x more productive when I feel cozy in my environment.

Washi Tape: To use in that fabulous Day Designer (and for happy mail, of course).

Colorful Sharpie Pens: To jazz up a to do list, and keep things interesting.

Notes Mousepad/Notepad: One of my most popular products throughout the years - and I have some new notepad sets in the works, too! I have used up two of these babies jotting down notes, working out quotes, and doodling. I love it!

Choose Joy Mug: I love having something warm in the morning (tea for now since decaf coffee just isn't my thing while pregnant), and having it in something cheery makes it all the sweeter! These will be coming to the shop in the next couple weeks along with a handful of other mug designs.

$25 Starbucks Card: So you can fill up your mug with whatever strikes your fancy, and get the morning started off right! :)

Things are still changing over on Etsy, the website, and my e-mail, so you may still see remnants of Lemon Tree here and there. Over the next few weeks I'll be working through those kinks and ironing out all the nitty gritty. I appreciate your patience in the meantime! :)

So there it is! I hope you are as excited as I am for this new and exciting chapter. I have lots of new products in the pipes but I don't want to over promise anything before Baby Girl gets here... So more on that as they are ready to be revealed! :) I'll also be sharing a coupon code or two on Instagram later today, so pop in to celebrate in the shop as well if you get a chance!

Happy Tuesday!