Photo by  Dolly DeLong

Photo by Dolly DeLong

Hi Y'all!

I'm Jill. I'm a wife, mommy, entrepreneur, and Jesus follower. You can find me most days playing with my two girls and baby boy, enjoying a hot brew with my sweet husband, or forcing a kiss on my lazy deaf dalmatian. Somewhere in between all that I like to pour my heart into encouraging those around me through sharing honest thoughts and positivity through my design work, writing, social media, or just over a latte with or without loud children nearby. I'm a graphic designer by trade (with a special love of all-things-paper), and an evangelical optimist by nature. Born and raised right outside Raleigh, North Carolina, I'm a Tennessee transplant who now calls Nashville home and finds the deepest joy in God and family.

When up and running, the goal of my shop is to help women infuse their spaces, parties, and lives with color and joy. Lemon Tree Paper Co. began as a custom wedding invitation business back in 2011, but my consistent need for lovely organization tools and office decor (paired with my forever love of creating the perfect party paper goods) transformed into what is today Jill Hartline. Fresh out of college, I found immense joy in making my cubicle and home a sanctuary, and I believe my products can help you do the same!

I am currently taking a bit of a sabbatical from retail offerings, while I savor life as a mom of three precious littles and do some soul-searching as to where this little business is heading. In the meantime, enjoy the printables you can find offered in my Etsy shop, contact me if you're in need of a designer, and stay tuned for what is to come. At this point Jill Hartline is just that: Jill Hartline. I'm a one person operation wearing lots of hats, but I like to think that makes my customer service extra special. If you have any thoughts or questions, I would love to hear from you! Visit my contact page to leave me a message - or head over to social media to see what I'm up to in life and otherwise.

I hope you find a little extra dose of happiness here - heaven knows we all could use some!