Christmas in April

So after F-I-N-A-L-L-Y photographing a few of my favorite projects from last year, I can share our Christmas card with the blogosphere! hartline-1

Now, I'm not terribly skilled at styling and our Christmas card was the first to be shot, so needless to say I'll be reshooting these (or at least ironing that fabric... oopsies) at some point, but in the meantime I could not help myself but finally showcase my favorite project every year: our family Christmas card. (Also, for the record, the rest of the shoot went really well despite these sad photos... and if you want to see for yourself, hop on over to my portfolio and check out all the new work I added!)


I love using our Christmas card as an excuse to experiment with different mediums I've been wanting to use for Lemon Tree clients, so this year I went with wood veneer for our main card. Since my rubber stamp sales basically bought our house in 2013, I thought it only fitting to create a Christmas card with zero printing involved (err.. except the labels, because I ran out of time to do calligraphy.. early pregnancy = too tired for anything). As always, credit for the beautiful photo goes to our favorite photographer, Justin Wright. He's amazing you guys - professionally and personally.


The stamps worked GREAT on the wood, which was a huge bonus. It takes a little practice, but with the perfect amount of pressure on both the stamp pad and the wood itself, we were in good shape (the same goes for the paper, in fact).


We also closed on our house right before sending these out, so naturally I had to throw in a moving announcement. We decided to keep it simple and list it on the back of our "happy holidays" generic message shipping tag. I felt like I had so much to say, I used every surface for a different piece.


Belly band: life updates, wood: a verse that got us through the later part of 2013, and tag: generic holiday greeting and moving announcement.


Overall, I was thrilled with how these turned out. The wood held up well in the mail, and the hard work of cutting and stamping was totally worth it.


Now to see what I can drum up this year... :)