My New Office

Image Oh my goodness. First let me say, my office has come SO far but still has so far to go. That being said, I could not be happier with the progress I've made in the past couple of months! These are all of my favorite parts of the room - sources for each are listed below. Maybe one day if I can get my act together (and find a few new shelving options) I'll actually do a real office tour. ... Maybe.

1. Wall Color: Valspar Blanket. The softest, prettiest blue green you ever did see.

2. Rug: The black is the worst possible option with a dog with (mostly) white hair, but I love it so much it's worth the extra vacuuming. (Gracie loves it, too. Sigh.)

3. Curtains (that I stenciled with coral Dalmatian spots): Ritva panels from Ikea. Inexpensive and HUGE. Which is awesome for my huge windows.

4. Stencil Supplies: I used a coral paint, foam brush, and this stencil. Inspiration for these beauties was found here and here.

5. Desk: World Market, but unfortunately they discontinued it. I LOVE that desk.

6. Office Chair: West Elm. A little pricey but not nearly as pricey as the legitimate office chairs I looked at originally. No thank you, $2,000+! Plus, if I'll be sitting for longer than a period of three hours, I'll likely be moving to the couch anyway!

7. Cart: Probably my favorite item. Gifted by my mother-in-law after she found it left as trash at work, it's a standard library cart that I spray painted white. And it is a BEAUT!

8. Work Table: Also World Market. Wheels, storage, perfect size... plus (like my desk) it's solid wood. For a great price, too!

9. Floor Lamp: Target. Because sometimes you just need a little ambiance. :)