I've had this week off of work and I was a little nervous to see how it went, knowing that I'll be home full time pretty soon. Of course since I won't be at home until May, I naturally crammed the whole week with major projects that need to get done, but overall I feel like it's been a good test week for May.

And I have to say, I have loved it. I've made sure to actually wake up when Logan wakes up, and start my day early instead of sleeping in and wasting it away. I've put on makeup every morning (except for yesterday and today - which have been painting days) even if I had no where to go - because I hear that in working from home actually getting ready is key to feeling great. I've budgeted my time between ongoing Lemon Tree jobs as well as special projects and actually stuck pretty closely to my plan - which is rare for me. 

It's just been surprisingly uplifting and refreshing to see that I can in fact build my own schedule and not be a total bum. This was one of those fears I had in making this decision... but I am thankful this week has given me the opportunity to banish it.

So with all that said, I'm hoping to have a fun office update once the painting is finished, curtains are hung, office chair comes in, etc. But until then - it's back to work!