You know what. If all else fails, at least I've stuck to my monthly backgrounds! I'm so proud. As someone who is not so great at following schedules and routines, this is pretty groundbreaking for me. April is my favorite month because it is my birthday month! And my sister's (and my mom's, actually). My sister and I have the same birthday and it's been so fun growing up and making it our special "thing." For awhile she called me the birthday thief (she's two years older), but I know deep down she loves it as much as I do. :)

PLUS it's amazing outside! Beautiful sunny blue skies and not too hot... I can't get enough. Amelia and I have been taking walks nonstop lately, and picnic lunches in the back yard have become a daily part of our routine. After such a long, cold winter, God has really been showing off with this weather lately!


Without further delay, and in celebration of the sun, you can download April's phone/computer backgrounds HERE. And there's even a choice of color this time around! :)

Enjoy and happy Spring everyone!

Xo, Jill