March-Screenshot I think I need to just accept that I live in a perpetual state of awe at how fast the time goes by. I say it every day at least once: "Can you believe it's already _____?!! WHERE has the time gone?!"

But alas. I will continue to be dumbfounded, and I'm sure it will only continue as I age!

That being said, we're all thinking it. HOW IS IT ALREADY MARCH?!! (See previous post.. is this deja vu? Haha.)

In honor of leprechauns everywhere, and as a sweet daily reminder of how incredibly blessed we all are, this month's phone and desktop background features a simple, yet powerful mantra: Lucky me.


I've felt especially humbled and grateful lately. I get to spend all day with this incredible little smiley six month old, and I get to do what I absolutely love as my job: creating things. I am married to a guy who's way out of my league, yet somehow he continues to love me and grow with me and surprise me daily. But yet I still have off days and get stuck in a rut every now and then. Whether I lack perspective and need a reminder, or I'm celebrating all the wonderment of my life, I. am. lucky. So I'm posting it to see every morning!

Send yourself a little reminder of just how lucky you are this month. You can download the backgrounds here. Happy March everyone!