Scatter Brained

With wedding season in full swing, my weaknesses are really becoming more apparent than ever. I am a head-in-the-clouds dreamer type, and I have a really hard time pushing through the mundane tasks that owning a business necessitates. This is why my feet-on-the-ground planner type husband is incredibly helpful, but lately we've both been so busy I haven't had time to ask for help. I have 1,000 ideas for new products for Lemon Tree and things I've had on my to do list forever, but I can't seem to muddle through getting them organized and making it happen. I didn't know this was a weakness of mine until I planned a wedding. Oh, boy. I won't even get started on how I ordered my flowers A WEEK BEFORE MY WEDDING.

So while I juggle clients and administrative tasks and accounting and shipping, please forgive me if I told you I would do a favor and I didn't. Or if I forgot to respond to your email asking if we could get coffee. This is the biggest part of my business and just my life that I am working to improve and I am so sorry if I have made you feel unimportant. I'm just not very good at the multitasking required to be a business owner.

With that, I'm going to actually go work on two custom jobs now that I am hitting the time crunch on.

Xoxo, Jill