Baby Gear Steal #2: Clek Fllo

When Amelia needed to move up to a convertible car seat, I did some extensive research (surprise!). Ultimately, I fell in love with the Clek Fllo and bought her one during a 20% off sale. It has not disappointed! Not only does it have a myriad of added safety features like an anti-rebound bar, but it's super slim and minimally designed and has fabric that is odor/bacteria/stain resistant so it functions almost like plastic when wet. Knowing we want our kids pretty close together, it's likely we'll have three car seats across in our car, and the Fllo is best-in-class for its super narrow width (less than 17"!). It's also easy to install and has one of the highest rear facing limits, which was very important to us. Basically, it's awesome and we've loved it.

Little one year old Amelia loving her Fllo!

Little one year old Amelia loving her Fllo!

Of course I wanted Bettye to have the same seat, so when I happened upon a black Clek Fllo in Bargain Hunt I audibly stuttered, "Oh.. no..." which almost certainly weirded out the couple standing next to me. To my surprise, the seat was listed at a mere $113 (normal retail price is $385)! I think they may have thought it was a different type of car seat that Clek offers, thus the deep discount. However, I realized the fabric was the lower cost option they used to offer as an alternative instead of the amazing Crypton fabric that we know and love on Amelia's seat. As I circled the aisle thinking and texting my savvy friend Sarah asking her thoughts, I realized there were THREE Fllos total, and one Foonf (the "older brother" of the Fllo). I checked the prices on the others and they were all much more (about $230 - still a good deal!) - except one green one was missing a tag at all. After thoroughly inspecting the green Fllo and still finding no tag, I asked an associate if I could use the tag from the first black one I'd seen. They said that was fine.

So like a crazy woman, I lugged both seats through the line and ended up paying only $125 (including tax) for Bettye's brand new green Fllo. We promptly installed it in Logan's car so we have a second seat for Amelia until Bettye needs it around her birthday! For something we would most certainly have purchased in the next six months, I was thrilled to have paid less than half for the seat we were prepared to shell out for!

So to recap: Clek Fllo 2017 - Retail: $379.99, Paid: $125 = Savings of $254.99