I have expensive taste. It's just the truth. However, nine times out of ten I don't necessarily have the bank account to back my taste (or I have an understandably unsupportive husband hah!) so I've adapted. I've become an expert at finding the item I'm looking for at a fraction of the cost, and I love helping my friends do the same! I find great joy in the thrill of hunting down an item for less than full price. The bigger the discount, the more fun I have! So in the world I live in currently, this passion of mine generally translates to baby gear. I'm in the thick of the crap-all-over-the-house phase of life, and I have to admit that although some days the chaos makes me want to scream, deep down I really love it. I love love love having a little baby! My research-loving self also happens to love researching baby gear. It's a strange vice but one that serves me well when I'm on the hunt for something, and when I'm able to find that something at a really amazing price.. well.. fireworks!

So in an effort to share how I find amazing deals and how you can too, I'm going to be blogging about my biggest baby gear scores. First up -maybe my best find ever - our Uppababy Vista double stroller.

When we were thinking about having Baby #2, I started researching good double strollers. Long story short, I narrowed down my options to the Baby Jogger City Select and an Uppababy Vista (2015 or after are true doubles). I liked that they could be a single if I needed them to, or a double when Baby #2 came along later on. I could sing the praises of both of these strollers all day long, so if you're in the market and curious... shoot me an email. ;) Of course, I like a good deal hunting challenge and you can find used City Selects on Craigslist for a good price fairly often, and they also go on sale often. I recommend this stroller to SO many friends! It's a great purchase. I actually found my friend one with the second seat for $280 at Bargain Hunt recently .. but that's another story. I decided I wanted to at least attempt to get a Vista just for the sheer joy of the hunt. Also, it's slightly smaller and rarely goes on sale so that was appealing to me. Hah. (Pause to note, they are actually on sale now so you better go run get one if you've been looking at it!!)

I happened upon a new Vista on eBay at a wholesale warehouse located in Lebanon, TN. Usually these types of warehouses sell Amazon returns and other random open box deals, so I felt good about it. The description said it was all in working order and had no wear and tear. Without shipping (since I would pick it up in Lebanon), I won the bidding at about $600. Which is a STEAL for a $900 stroller. I was so excited! Fast forward to me actually unpacking it and - womp womp - the frame was broken. I'm sure that's why it was returned to begin with. I was so disheartened, and sort of embarrassed. I thought I'd gotten a great deal and here I was with a broken stroller. I immediately contacted Tadd Wholesale and they said they were happy to give me a full refund, or a partial one if I wanted to keep it. Which got me thinking...

I called Uppababy and was hoping I could somehow purchase just a new frame, since I had the stroller and that still might even out after a partial refund. After a series of emails, my customer service rep offered me a FREE new frame that they could ship immediately - as long as I returned the broken one to them. What?! I was 100% honest with her that I had bought it off eBay and not from an authorized retailer. She said since it was still in the box they were happy to replace it. The reviews I'd read about Uppababy having amazing customer service were definitely true for me!

So after Tadd Wholesale issued me a 50% refund, with taxes, I ended up paying about $315 for our stroller. And then found the second seat (in the correct color - amazing) at Bargain Hunt a few weeks later after I found out I was pregnant with Bettye.

So to recap: Uppababy Vista 2015 with Second Seat - Retail: $840 + $179, Paid: $315 + $120 = Savings of $584

So that was how I got our Vista, but don't worry - there's more good deal stories to come soon. :)